BigPike trailers – American boating comfort made in Europe!

BigPike trailers – American boating comfort made in Europe!

When it comes to boating, comfort and convenience are key. No one wants to spend hours struggling to load and unload their boat or deal with a trailer that is constantly getting stuck in the mud. That’s why we created BigPike trailers – to bring the comfort and convenience of American-style boating to Europe.

Our story starts with, a company that offers NorthSilver aluminum boats. These boats are known for their solid hull construction and high level of comfort, but they can be rather heavy. We quickly realized that the majority of boat trailers on the market were not capable of carrying large boats like these, and those that often had small wheels that got stuck in the mud and a high placement for the boat. None of them came with planks, which made loading and unloading difficult.

As avid fishermen, we didn’t want to waste time at the slip trying to load and unload our boat. We wanted a trailer that was easy to use, even in strong winds or rivers with heavy currents. So we decided to build our own – an American-style trailer that was made in Europe and certified in Europe, with no driving or speed restrictions.

The result was BigPike trailers – premium quality trailers that are perfect for those who go fishing alone and need to handle the trailer on their own. They are fully adjustable to keep your boat low, much lower than traditional trailers with rollers, and are designed for easy launching and parking in any condition. With BigPike trailers, you can launch your boat in seconds and park it on the trailer just as fast.

In addition to their convenience and ease of use, BigPike trailers are also built to last. The frame is constructed from 100x40mm cast iron, with a wall thickness of 3mm, and the leaf springs are 3000kg version. The brakes and towing couple are 2300kg certified, and we only use CE-certified parts from Knott or Al-ko, made for the European market.

So if you want the comfort and convenience of American boating without sacrificing quality or safety, look no further than BigPike trailers. Follow us on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, and feel free to contact us with any questions or to inquire about availability. We always keep a selection of BigPike boats in stock, ready to ship.

BigPike XL trailer on road

BigPike XL trailer on road

When it comes to fishing trips, convenience is key. That’s why we love using American-style trailers like the BigPike XL. These trailers are designed to keep your boat low between the wheels, which not only makes it easier to get in and out of the boat, but also helps to reduce fuel consumption when towing. Additionally, the low-profile design makes it easier to launch the boat in shallow water and park it on the trailer without needing to use a winch. And with planks to guide the boat onto the trailer, it’s easy to load and unload even when you’re fishing solo. Overall, the practicality and convenience of American trailers make them a great choice for long-distance fishing trips.

Video: BigPike Gone in 40 seconds…

BigPike L trailer with NorthSilver 525 Boat looks realy nice!

In order to make our trailers more maneuverable, we designed a single-axle trailer for boats under 6.2 meters in length. We equipped the trailer with 16-inch rims and 225 C class tires for a smooth ride. We also lowered the frame so that we could fit a 2.15-meter-wide hull between the wheels. The planks are fully adjustable, and the axle(s) can also be extended for custom projects when the customer has a 6.5-meter boat.

The BigPike L trailer with the NorthSilver 525 boat looks great together! We also added waterproof LED lights and a 13-pin connector with rear lights as standard equipment. There are also places for attaching BoatBuckle retractable tie-downs.

With the BigPike trailers, it is easy to park, even if you are by yourself. It takes less than a minute if you have a helper. You can see how easy it is to launch and park a 6-meter boat in the attached video. These trailers are truly convenient and easy to use.




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