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SIA “Ezergailis” is the owner of the website

SIA “Ezergailis” has taken all necessary measures to ensure the security of personal data and to prevent its unreasonable transfer to third parties.

During the visit and use of, SIA “Ezergailis” may receive information containing personal data:

  • by obtaining personal data directly (name and surname, telephone number and e-mail address);
  • indirectly by obtaining information (for example: by using cookies and other technical means to monitor the use of the website.

SIA “Ezergailis” processes the personal data of the customers in compliance with the requirements specified in the Personal Data Protection Law and other legal acts of the Republic of Latvia that regulate the processing and protection of personal data. When processing and storing personal data of the customers, SIA “Ezergailis” uses organizational and technical means that ensure the protection of personal data from accidental or unlawful discovery, alteration, as well as from any other unlawful processing. When placing an order on, the customer agrees and allows SIA “Ezergailis” to register, enter, store, systematize, use and in any other way process his personal data.

The personal data of the customer, as well as the data that the customer will provide to the seller in the future, to the extent necessary, and for the following purposes:

  • data processing for the customers’ orders, contractual obligations, or data processing is necessary to conclude a relevant contract (quote);
  • data is necessary for the identification and accounting of customers;
  • data is necessary for the sending of commercial communications (e-mail and/ or SMS);
  • data is necessary to ensure the fulfilment of other obligations arising from the contract, or from the respective concluded contracts (communication).
  • data is necessary to review the customer’s application (quote).

SIA “Ezergailis” ensures the protection and security of the personal data of the customers, their non-disclosure to third parties insofar as it is required by the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and other legal acts of the Republic of Latvia regulating the processing and protection of personal data, except for the seller’s partners, which ensure the delivery of goods, financing of goods and provision of purchased services, to the extent that the personal data are necessary for the performance of contractual obligations. The customer has the right to request that his personal data be supplemented or corrected, as well as to stop their processing or to destroy them, if the personal data are incomplete, outdated, false or are no longer necessary for the purposes of collection. In this regard, the Customer may change or delete the entered data in its user account or inform SIA “Ezergailis” via e-mail address: [email protected].

The Customer, by submitting a written reasoned request, has the right to receive the following information:

  • what information about the Customer has been obtained, data acquisition source, when the information included in the data has been changed (if the regulatory enactments allow it);
  • for what purpose the processing of personal data has been carried out, information about the recipients of personal data;
  • information on whether the data has been processed automatically.

The Customer’s personal data will be stored for no longer than the requirements of the regulatory enactments. The Customer may request the deletion of its data at any time.

SIA “Ezergailis”  has the unilateral right to make amendments and/or additions to this Policy. The current version of the Policy is always posted on the website.



A cookie is a small text file that the website server downloads to your device when you use a browser and can be enabled or disabled via web browser settings. also contains third-party cookies that collect information about you across different devices and marketing channels. uses cookies to enable wider use of the website. Information related to cookies is not used to personally identify the user (customer).

The information we obtain about visitors through the website is processed according to the purpose of their acquisition. In order to ensure quality services and to assess the need to improve the content of the website and its placement, information is collected about visitors in addition to the data provided by the user, which is included in the website access files (IP address, Internet service provider, time of visit, store sections and goods).

Cookies are used for the following purposes:

1) adapting the website to the preferences of users (customers);

2) optimizing the product offer of the website;

3) for advertising and marketing optimization purposes, based on the interest in certain advantages;

4) for the production of statistics on the number of visitors.

Cookies do not have to be enabled for the website to work, but cookies allow the website to be used more widely. may not use cookies when changing browser settings or delete cookies. In some cases, some feature limitations may appear while browsing

By using the website and clicking the “confirm” button in the pop-up window, you consent to the use of cookies. You can withdraw your consent at any time by deleting the cookies stored in your browser.

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